Mold growth is a typical problem after a storm or a natural disaster in a residential or commercial property. Left unattended, mold can damage the building structure the health of ones occupying it. At J.S. Services Inc, we have certified technicians that successfully remediate mold infestation in homes or office buildings.

Our experts follow elaborate mitigation steps to rid mold and prevent the hazardous situation from worsening.


Our remediation professionals begin by inspecting the building and assessing the extent of the contamination before taking any cause of action. If the wet area has no mold growth, we apply an antimicrobial agent as a preventative measure until the space dries out.

Source Identification

At the inspection, we mark out the sources of mold growth. Mold spreads by distributing spores on nearby surfaces. However, there is always a primary source. It is usually near a water-producing or high moisture area.

Moisture Intrusion Repair

Fixing the water or moisture issue is the next significant step. The mold will grow right back if we do not fix the leak, spillage, or seepage. Additionally, containment prevents further contamination of unaffected walls. Therefore, we contain the water situation first before attending to the fungus.

Air Filtration

We filter the air throughout the project to ensure spores and harmful flora do not invade your property through the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) unit. We use high-efficiency (HEPA) air filters to contain the microbes, dust, and other tiny pollutants coming from the affected area.

Mold Removal and Surface Cleanup

We remove all fungus-infested material – the drywall, insulation component, timber, carpet, and furniture. We follow the industrial standard cleaning to eliminate the fungal growth. A qualified mold remediation inspector must investigate cleanups of all areas.

Restorative Services

We replace areas with contaminated materials, leaving the place looking as good as new. If the removed areas only required a cleanup, we fix the decontaminated pieces and restore them to their pre-infestation state.

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Mold remediation always requires the work of a certified technician because of the harmful effect of the fungus . If you need experts to terminate mold growth from your property, call us today.

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