Questions To Ask Your Restoration Company

Let’s face it, finding the right restoration company can be a very daunting task and after experiencing a disaster. How can you choose the right restoration company? Well, in addition to checking up on the company’s online reviews and ratings, you must obtain important information from the very company. Whether you are looking for fire, flood or mold removal restoration services, getting to know the company you hire is essential. The following are some relevant questions to ask your restoration company before hiring them.

  • Is your company licensed and/or bonded? It is mandatory in many states for a restoration company to be licensed with the State. This ensures your security as this means that you can solve any legal issues you may have with them.
  • Is the company insured? This is quite significant in case any accidental structural damage is done during the restoration process. The cost of repair for any accidental structural damage should be covered by the restoration company’s insurance. So, before hiring a restoration company ensure that it has a general liability as well as a worker’s compensation insurance coverage.
  • Are the company’s technicians available 24/7? Any reputable restoration company should be able to assist at any hour of the day. Disasters can occur at any time of day and they need to be attended to as soon as possible. It is for this very reason that restoration companies should be able to attend to you immediately as well as send technicians to assess and control the situation.
  • Does the company give any guarantees? Restoration companies should warranty things such as their materials and workmanship.
  • What experience do you have in the restoration field? It is very important to search their online reviews and ratings. Find out as much as you can about their service.

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The above are only a few significant questions you should ask any restoration company before considering hiring them. Try not to rush, instead, take your time and choose the best company to assist you.

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