3 Tips In Hiring The Right Fire, Flood & Mold Remediation Company

If you are experiencing fire, flood or mold damage in your home or business you must act fast. From years of experience J.S. Services Inc can tell you that these problems don’t get better on their own. In fact if you let the damaged areas sit, they will get worse over time. Mold grows mildew, water & smoke will continue to do damage so contact a professional immediately for assistance. When you do contact a mold, fire or flood restoration professional it is important to ask the correct questions. Hiring the right remediation company can make all the difference. Here are 3 tips in hiring the right fire, flood & mold remediation company.


1- Years Of Experience. Finding out the amount of years of experience that your remediation company has is vital. Experience & skill play a major role when faced with remediation situations. J.S. Services Inc has several years of on the job experience handling flood, fire & mold circumstances all over Long Island. Ask how many years the contractor you hire has been working for.

2- Licensed, Insured & Certifications. This seems like an easy one but you don’t know how many contractors work without licenses & insurance. Whether a license or insurance lapses, or they are not licensed in your county or they just don’t have any at all. These are very common in the remediation industry. Ask for a license number, a copy of their latest and up to date insurance certificates and what qualifications they have. J.S. Services Inc is fully licensed, insured and has Up-to-date certifications from accredited schools.

3-Reviews / Website. Do a search online for the company you are looking to hire. Check if they have reviews or a website. Read through the reviews to see what past clients thought of their work. Having reviews directly on the website is fine but having them on multiple search engines gives the company more credibility. Any web design company can post reviews on the contractors website which is fine but you can’t fake them in the search engines.

We hope you enjoyed reading 3 tips in hiring the right fire, flood & mold remediation company. If you have questions please give us a call.

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