A water leak is one of the worst scenarios that can happen to a home or business. A small leak can go on for months undetected. If not resolved quickly mold can spread very rapidly.

Especially in the warmer months mold tends to grow causing mildew and rot. Water leaks can come from plumbing, sprinkler lines & kitchen and bathroom pipes. You must act as fast as possible once you notice the first sign of water. Water can enter the home or business from a pipe outside and seep through any crack in the foundation it can find. As a water damage restoration expert, J.S. Services Inc. can help you every step of the way. In the meantime try these 3 steps to take when you notice a water leak.

1- Shut The Main Water Valve:

Call a trained professional to locate the main water valve to your home or business and turn it off. This will shut the water supply to your property causing the water leak to halt temporarily. Once the leak is fixed you can resume the water flow with no problems.

2- Move Your Valuables Out Of Harms Way: 

Try to remove and relocate any of your important valuables that are within reach of the leaking water. Water keeps moving and mold keeps growing. You don’t want to get either one of them on your important valuables.

3- Call A Restoration Company:

Contact a licensed and insured restoration company that will come access the damage and get to work. J.S. Services Inc. has a 24/ 7 emergency service line that is dedicated to problems like this. Our team will be dispatched as soon as possible to contain the damage and restore your home or business back to it’s original state.

We hope reading 3 steps to take when you notice a water leak has helped you. If you experiencing any of the above mentioned please contact a us immediately.

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